success of such things is difficult to measure. neither show was perfect. looking back, things could have been done differently along the way. this is an inevitability of this stage in the process. overall. i believe we produced a work that said something.

the message may have not been as immaculately pure and polished as we may have hoped, but it was ours. and i am proud of that. it is rare that i get the opportunity to work with people from such different places in their lives. people with such different stories to tell. it is rare that i get to work with men who are willing to put aside their egos and their agendas. it is rare that that i get to work with men who are willing to be vulnerable on stage and off. to reveal something of themselves to others. something that may indeed have been hidden for a very long time.

so what is success. i believe that in art. in community. in life. participation is success.

behind the scenes, this would not have been possible without the countless favors, both large and small of many, many people

and so i thank you all for participating. to the men who trusted the vision of the project. to the members of the community who donated their time, skill, and effort.

and for those who came out to support us onstage.

thank you.

- d. stern

The Show


The Funicular Railway Station
416 W. Coulter St. 

May 10th, 11th - 8:00 pm

Please park on the street.
Tickets are available at
or at the door.  Please bring cash.
Had a great night of research with Sarah Muehlbauer and her custom apparatus, the HAUS.  Really excited to see the whole piece on stage Friday and Saturday.
check out more of his work at

new things


New Things are always difficult. There is a hesitancy associated with the unknown. And so we wait. But if we wait for one hundred percent certainty, one hundred percent confidence with what we have to say, I fear we would never say anything. Not as acrobats and not as humans.

Instead, we assert that as acrobats we are capable and as humans we are qualified to say something. Thank you for joining us for this conversation. It is a New Thing for us and we are very excited about it.